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SharePoint Farm

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What is Sharepoint Application Farm?

Sharepoint Farm is an application box that deploys different instances to create Sharepoint 2013 Farm. Using Sharepoint 2013 Application Server box, Sharepoint 2013 Web Server box,
Nginx box for the load balancers and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 box for store to the Sharepoint 2013 database.

Organizations use SharePoint to create websites and as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device.


This box installs and configures all the instances to run a Sharepoint 2013 Farm.


  • An Active Directory / Domain Controller for EBX domain already configured with this Administrator Account: EBX\Administrator
    and Password: Password123! needed for the Sharepoint Farm trust relationships.

  • An NFS server with the iso images needed for the installation of MS SQL Server 2014, MS Sharepoint 2013 and MS Sharepoint 2013 Prerequisites.


This application box requires 3 deployment policy boxes for deploy its components:
- windows-internal: deploys Windows 2012 without public ip for the private instances. Claims: windows, internal.
- windows-public: deploys Windows 2012 with public ip for the management portal. Claims: windows, public.
- linux-public: deploys Ubuntu 14.04 with public ip for the nginx load balancers. Claims: linux, public.

These windows deployment policies need also to include boxes that implements these functionalities:
- join to the domain of the active directory (EBX).
- set the primary DNS to be the Domain Controller.
- configure the Windows Firewall accordingly.
- mount the NFS folder with the needed iso images on the drive letter S:\ that will be used by the installation event scripts.

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