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What is MySQL?

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS), property of Oracle Corporation. The project is open sourced under the GNU General Public License as well as under a variety of proprietary agreements, which offer extended functionality.


This box allows to manage a single MySQL instance, as well as a Master-Slave replication with either one or two masters. Master and slave nodes can be added to the system as long as the database is not populated (i.e. it's a new deployment).

Deployment Variables

Variable Description Default Value
DATABASE_NAME The name of the database to be created. This variable is required to deploy a single node or a master
PORT The port on which the MySQL daemon will run on. 3306
SERVER_ID The unique identifier of the server. A random value will be calculated at runtime if no value is provided
SLAVE_USERNAME The name of the user that will perform the replication. slave_user
SLAVE_PASSWORD The password of the replication user. A random password will be calculated if no value is provided
CONFIGURATION_FILE MySQL's daemon configuration file (my.cnf)
MASTER_SQL_CONFIGURATION File containing the SQL commands to be run in a master node
SLAVE_SQL_CONFIGURATION File containing the SQL commands to be run in a slave node
NODE_TYPE Allows to select if a node will act as a Master or a Slave. Master
BINARY_LOG_FILE Binary log file in which to start a replica. This value is calculated at runtime and any user provided value will be overriden
BINARY_LOG_POSITION Binary log position in which to start a replica. This value is calculated at runtime and any user provided value will be overriden
MASTER_BINDING Binding to a master node

Deployment Configuration

There are three different configurations of this box, namely single instance, master-slaves replication and master-master replication. Each of them can be deployed as follows:

  1. Single instance: In order to deploy a single MySQL instance, the only necessary step is to chose a database name through the DATABASE_NAME variable.
  2. Master-Slave replication: Several slaves can be added for replication using a single master. In order to deploy an slave, select "Slave" in the NODE_TYPE variable and add the necessary tags to match the master binding you want to connect to in MASTER_BINDING.
  3. Master-Master replication: There are three necessary steps to make this deployment:

    • Deploy a single instance following the steps in point 1.
    • Deploy a second master pointing to the one previously deployed.
    • Add a binding to the first instance in order to point to the second and reconfigure it.

    Also, if you want to add slaves to this master-master configuration, follow the steps described in point 2.

Supported distributions

This deployment supports these Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2


Checkout MySQL's documentation.


Discuss at Mysql forums.

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