What is a Cookbook?

A cookbook is the chef-client's unit of configuration and policy distribution which defines a scenario and contains everything that is required to support it:
Recipes that specify which resources to use and its order to be applied
Attribute and its values
File distributions and Templates
Extensions to Chef, such as libraries, definitions, and custom resources

The chef-client uses Ruby as its reference language for its cookbooks and recipes.

What is Chef-solo?

Chef-solo is an open source version of the chef-client that allows using cookbooks with nodes without requiring access to a Chef server. chef-solo runs locally and requires that a cookbook (and any of its dependencies) be on the same physical disk as the node.


This box allows you to include legacy chef's cookbooks or recipes into your Application Catalog within ElasticBox. It downloads a Chef Cookbook's configuration files for be used by chef-solo. It's intended to customize a cookbook with its own default.rb and metadata.rb files that will define recipe's attributes and its needed dependencies.

Deployment Variables

  • CHEF_COOKBOOK_NAME: Name of the cookbook and its directory
  • CHEF_DEFAULT_RB: is the attributes file to be configured and saved into the cookbook folder (CHEF_COOKBOOK_NAME). For each cookbook, attributes in the default.rb file are loaded first. When the cookbook attributes take precedence over the default attributes, the chef-solo client will apply those new settings and values when chef-solo client run on the instance.
  • CHEF_METADATA_RB: Every cookbook requires a small amount of metadata stored in a file called metadata.rb that lives at the top of CHEF_COOKBOOK_NAME’s directory. The contents of the metadata.rb file provides hints to chef-solo so that cookbook is deployed correctly.

Deployment behavior

An instance executing this box will use bash scripting to download and save the configuration of a Cookbook. Box events handle the chef-cookbook lifecycle on the instance as follows:

  • Configure operation:
    • pre_configure event script: creates cookbook's folder and download and configure the default.rb and metadata.rb files defined in the box variables.

Supported Distributions

The box supports deploying to these linux distributions:
Amazon Linux AMI 2015.03
Centos 6.5, 7
RedHat 7
Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04


You can checkout the Chef Cookbook's documentation at http://docs.chef.io/cookbooks.html

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